Our Story

Early Work

Payal’s design and art background started with a technical degree in design and communications. After completing her Bachelors in Design, and minor in illustration, she got a lot hands-on experience in creating and establishing powerful brands through design and marketing vehicles. Her early experience in advertising and design, set a perfect stage for her to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. Influenced by her father’s architectural work and expertise, she was proud to follow his creative footsteps. The technical drawings and plans translate to a lot of her modern approach to design and art. She has always followed her heart in life and stayed true to her passion of Art & Design, thus choosing a more challenging path of opening her own design space in 2013.


When she is not designing, she goes in her meditation room which is her words is her "Power house". She has always felt deeply connected to the universe and it's life giving force of love. Choosing to make this bond stronger she invested her time in learning alternative healing practices such as Reiki and Pranic Healing which has further energised her work and intention to always create a piece that brings out the inner joy and bliss in a person. You will always find her studio infused in aromas of essential oils and constant light of healing salt lamps.
" My art and canvases are an open-ended conversations over a hot cup of
masala chai! " - Payal